The iconic Handful of Cherries design created by Marie Poniatowski and Christine Innamorato in 2014 is back ! It can now adorn you wrist or ears : it comes in discreet earrings and bracelet for both children and their moms ! 

Collection: Handful of Cherries

Handful of Cherries



Following their previously successful collaborations, Marie Poniatowski, Stone Paris’s designer, and Christine Innamorato, Bonpoint’s artistic director, combine their talents to create a new collection. Bonpoint’s iconic cherries, and the stars which are held so dear to Stone, lay side by side on fine chains and rings, delighting little ones and grown-ups alike.

Collection: Poignée de Cerises et Etoiles

Poignée de Cerises et Etoiles



This year, Dalloyau collaborates with Stone Paris for an Epiphany in which the key word is lace… An original Fève, based on the old French tradition, is designed and inspired by the brand’s collection Once Upon a Time. They are available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. This Fève collection perfectly illustrates the values that are shared by the two friendly Parisian Houses; these values include audacity, excellence of the handmade and the art of tailor-made. Modern and infinitely poetic, they will beautify the décolleté of the queens of 2015 !

Collection: Once Upon a time

Once Upon a time



In November 2014, Christine Innamorato, Bonpoint’s artistic director, and Marie Poniatowski perpetuate the story by once again merging their creativity and skills. The two designers imagine Poignée de Cerises : a new line of necklaces in which both gold and diamonds mingle together with finesse and impertinence.

Collection: Poignée de Cerises necklace

Poignée de Cerises necklace



In October 2014, Warner Bros Consumer Products join Colette’s Parisian concept store to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary, and call on designers to elaborate on an exceptional series of fashion items, accessories and jewellery for a limited edition. Therefore Marie Poniatowski imagines an ear climber inspired by Poison Ivy. Made with gold and diamonds, the creepers and prickly leaves work their way up the ear lobes.

Collection: Poison Ivy earrings

Poison Ivy earrings



In May 2014, the sign of a feather inspires the collaboration between Bonpoint and Stone Paris. With the design being both young and feminine in style, it can be worn with lightness and refinement around the neck or wrist of all ages.

Collection: Plume necklace

 Plume necklace



In 2010, Bonpoint and Stone join together their talent and skills to create an exclusive collection of jewellery. From this collaboration a series of jewels result, in which both gold and diamonds mingle with both delicacy and impertinence. Intricate butterflies, Bonpoint’s cherries, angel wings and flowers are all available in a range of necklaces and bracelets, delighting little ones and grown-ups alike…

Collection: Cerise - Coeur - Papillon - Fleur necklaces

Cerise - Coeur - Papillon - Fleur necklaces