Stone Paris develops an almost infinite typology of jewelry that draws on all historical styles, keeping as common denominators only a certain sobriety, a timeless elegance of form and a keen sense of paradox. The different collections are all inspired by events or periods that marked Marie Poniatowski, creator of Stone Paris. Her strength stems from a passion for the history of form and a desire to promote the noblest of them.

Nourished by the memory of secular pieces she admired in her childhood, Stone Paris’ collections translate Marie Poniatowski’s sensibilities. She is inspired by all forms of expression everywhere and which speak to her. It is during a trip, an architectural detail, or from the allure of an antique piece of jewelry that the ideas for her collections are born. Sources of inspiration which she works and redesigns to become a graphic solution in their own right.

Her design style is easily recognizable through her marriage of gold and diamonds. It is the finesse of the pieces and the systematic marriage of these two noble materials that contribute to Stone Paris’ identity. This vision pushes Marie to design pieces that will last, designs that reflect the wearer.