When Marie Poniatowski decided to create her jewelry brand in 2004, she did what a few other designers were doing, bringing a breath of fresh air to a sector that had been very closed minded up until then. Freedom of inspiration, freedom to wear fine jewelry every day, freedom to mix and match them, freedom to wear them without ostentation while preserving the precious nature of jewelry and a deep attachment to its value, its timeless elegance.

It is this same brand spirit which, collection after collection, expands and enriches customer enjoyment across generations. It allows them to freely express who they are, like a second skin, to develop an intimate relationship with precious jewelry and to create their own story.

To say that each person is unique is a bespoke vanity very fashionable in luxury brands today. On the other hand, at Stone Paris, we sincerely believe that every person has a right to unique jewelry, in the way they wear it and live it

Dive into the richness of our collections, appreciate our already iconic models and find the ones that correspond to you, the ones you’ll love to wear and mix to make your own intimate wardrobe.
Find in the "know-how" section the story behind our collections and our unwavering commitment to high quality jewelry: 18-carat gold, brilliant diamonds, craftsmanship and hand-crafted jewelry.


Jewelry is eternal and will always make us dream
but today we want to make it freely.

Free to project our own aspirations,
o love the beauty of a piece or to feel more beautiful or handsome,

Free to be inspired by the past in all its forms,
To say who we are, to express our emotions,

Free to find ourselves attractive, to show delicacy or to feel stronger,
Free to have it with you at all times,

And to reinvent how it should be worn in the day to day,
And to treat yourself without waiting for someone else to, to buy it casually.

Jewelry has become a freedom of expression and of being.