Marie Poniatowski’s personal story, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, is the momentum behind Stone Paris, which she created after a professional journey full of experiences and inspiration. The descendant of a family of Polish nobles dating back to the 15th century, her childhood explains in part her love of antique jewelry, her attachment to her family history, and to the cultural and artistic heritage from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth century.

A free and independent spirit, her personality explains her sincere approach to making jewelry accessible; and this in an era when people were calling for easy-to-wear jewelry, expressing a desire for personal expression rather than ostentatious gratification.

Whenever she is creating, Marie Poniatowski always has in mind what fans of her brand love about it. A delicate quest that fine jewelry meets more than any other, a desire that speaks to all generations, to freely express strength or sensitivity, to think about oneself as much as how one is perceived by others. And most importantly, the timeless elegance that the marriage of gold and diamonds conveys to those we love.

The diversity of Marie Poniatowski's collection names, more than 70 to date, illustrate the richness of her inspirations. They are drawn from the history of jewelry, which she revisits with passion, but also from the cinema, an environment in which she worked for several years, or from emblematic personalities she met as a child or when accompanying her father, the director of Vogue France, on shoots or the catwalk. Not to mention her personal history and her dream destinations. In a designer brand, people are looking for something extra. Strong values in which they recognize themselves.

Marie Poniatowski’s are those of a free woman, of her times, deeply attached to elegance and authenticity but also to independent thought, the condition of freedom.