Marie Poniatowski is the founder of Stone Paris. Since 2004, she designs jewelry that echo her own story. An enchanted story that has its roots in Poland : this parisian comes from a family of high nobility whose origins go back to the 15th century.

Her childhood is marked by her father, director of French Vogue, who takes her to photoshoots by Guy Bourdin or Helmut Newton, as well as fashion shows in New York and Milan. Her mother, decorator, gives her the taste for beautiful things and for creation. Other iconic figures forever influence her vision of elegance and feminity : Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall and specially Grace Kelly, the family friend.

In search of dream and beauty, she first turns to the world of film-making before discovering the jewels’ one. In break with the spectacular pieces admired as a child, Stone collections reflect Marie Poniatowski’s sensitivity. She creates a modern jewelry, affordable and easy to wear. Light and extremely poetic, her precious jewels resemble ornaments from the Victorian time she loves so much.

The diamond, bright but not ostentatious, often treated in micro size, reigns supreme. Gold is shaped like arachnidan lace. The « dormeuses », these typical refined earrings from the 19th century, formed by a suspended element on a curved gold rod, become Stone’s signature.

Her pendants, her rings and her bracelets are inspired by travel memories, architectural elements and nature fragments so stylized that they transform into contemporary designs. The presence of dark gold and black diamonds gives her jeweleries a delicated and deep beauty, emphasized by motifs from the world of music. Between rock and romantism, some can suit both girls and boys. Tinged with emotion and inexpressible charm, all seem to carry a promise or a secret.