Meet with... Marc-Antoine Coulon

Who are you, Marc-Antoine ?
I am a man who draws pictures. I have always, everywhere, all the time.
I am a bit Italian.
I work for fashion magazines and luxury houses, in France, Europe and the US. 

Did you know Stone Paris before ?
Yes, I discovered the brand from Figaro Madame’s magazine.

How did you meet Marie Poniatowski ?
Emmanuelle Alt put us in contact.
I went to see Marie in her office, we talked a lot ; it was a necessary and delicious journey.  

Have you ever collaborated with a jewellery brand before ?
Yes, I work a lot with jewellery brands – including Cartier and VanCleef.

Why did you accept this project ?
I really like Marie’s world – her shyness, her doubts, but also her strengths, her cello’s voice, her modernity and taste for traditions.
A project is always an adventure, a meeting.

 How did you imagine the Stone Paris woman ?
Marie wanted us to imagine the woman who could look like her daughter in few years time.
So together we built a series of hypotheses, like bets on the future.
We perfected this anticipated woman step by step, depending on Marie’s sensitivity.

How does your style of drawing enhance the value of the jewellery  ? 
It’s truly impossible for me to answer such a question. One hardly has the best hindsight to judge their own work – Let other people talk about it. Each with his own opinion. I can’t talk more than what I aim for – fluidity, music, simplicity, soft line, blur and sharpness, suggestions…

                                                                                                                     Illustrations : Marc-Antoine Coulon