Sarah Lavoine's jewelry box

What was your first crafted jewel ?
I think it’s a Cartier watch given to my mum on her 18th birthday, and then given to me by my mum when I turned 18. It really is my first jewel that also has a sentimental value. I recently gave it to my daughter who turned 18... I miss it ! 

What do you think of Stone Paris, how would you describe your sister’s jewels ?
I am crazy about them and I think I am hugely lucky to be spoiled so much by my sister.
Her jewels are very sensual. I wear my Gone With The Wind necklace with a rather casual look and my Sarah ring on any occasion !

Have you ever designed a jewellery boutique before ?
I created the Stone Paris boutique and it was a real first for me.
It was a major challenge to showcase my sister’s Jewellery, and especially to design something as beautiful as her creations. 
We thought for a long time together, it was an exciting adventure.
I’m very proud of the result.
We’ve put in place some mirror effects in order to reflect the windows and make the shop look bigger, and we also picked my favourite colour, Sarah Blue ! 

How did the collaboration with your sister go ?
Honestly, really really well !!!
We’ve never worked alongside each other before and it was a real pleasure to do this project together !

What is your favourite Stone jewel ?
The Sarah ring, obviously !!

What is your dream jewel you do not own yet ?
My dream is for Marie to create a big gold chain for me, with a medallion to insert tiny photos of my kids !