Alexandra Golovanoff's Christmas


For Christmas, Marie invited her childhood friend Alexandra Golovanoff to answer some questions.
Founder of the sublime clothing brand Alexandra Golovanoff Tricots, she shares with us her gift ideas and her most beautiful Christmas memories.

What are you dreaming of for Christmas?
Wood fire, traditional music, shoes at the foot of the tree as long as there are still small children in the family. This is one of the rare occasions that brings us all under one roof.

A gift for your children Mila and Virgile?
Mila is a very young adult. I want to give her things she will keep for a long time, that will be part of her grown-up life : an object for her home, a painting, an old watch ...

For Virgile, teenager with style, I‘m having a custom "Virgile" cashmere sweater made just for him.

The most beautiful gift they gave you?
I kept some kindergarten drawings representing me. Both of them, a few years apart, drew me the same way, with the same colors. Without even being in the same school. A big brown potato!


And for your husband Charles?
We often give each other something that we will both enjoy ... A Devialet speaker with extraordinary sound for example.

The most beautiful gift received from him?
Otherwise he offered me (us) the house I had been dreaming of since childhood.

A gift to take care of you?
A Yoga subscription at Kshanti (13 rue du Vieux Colombier in Paris).

The Stone Paris jewel you dream of?
I love the Yesterday tiny hoop.

The better place to give gifts?
Ideally the Saint-Ouen flea market, to find unique things, not interchangeable ... But ... The Bon Marché remains an amazing place.

A recipe to share?
Pumpkin and butternut soup with white truffle oil!
Cut large pieces of pumpkin, butternut with some carrots, onions, leeks.
Season with black pepper, coriander seeds, thyme and a vegetable cube broth that replaces the salt.
Add water, cover and cook.
When cooked, remove some of the broth if there is too much. Mix until you get a velvety. Add broth if it is too thick.
Add a drizzle of white truffle oil (bought from Italian caterers) when serving.

Your favorite place to celebrate Christmas?
In the country, especially to wake up the morning after Christmas ...

Is there a tradition in Russia, your home country, at Christmas time?
According to the Orthodox calendar, Russian Christmas is celebrated on January 6th. This is an opportunity to do Christmas again!
As for me, I rather celebrate the Russian New Year on January 13th.