The hairdressing tips of David Lucas

Marie Poniatowski and David Lucas, driven by the desire to make women always more beautiful and more chic, team up to present Stone Paris’ designs in a new place, David Lucas’ hairdressing salon at the Crillon.

On that occasion, we interviewed David Lucas about his best
hairdressing tips ...

David, who are you?
A hairdresser, passionate about hair and human relations.

How did you meet Marie Poniatowski?
I met Marie through a mutual friend, Sissi, magic in friendships. My meeting with Marie was obvious, we got along very well right away!

According to you, what are the bathroom must-have products?
My Monique haircare products; which includes a mask, a shampoo and a treatment with keratin. For the treatment, dispense a nut size amount of the product into palm and apply it on the lengths (especially not on the roots!).
It does not require rinsing and is perfect to make hair silky and discipline stubborn hair!

Your tips for taking care of my hair?
Come every 5 weeks in the salon to do the ritual care Tokyo Inkarami that will sublimate your hair on the long-term.
Straight from Japan, it contains a unique formulation containing eight kinds of keratins and amino acids. The result is magic!
The hair is both repaired, flexible, reinforced and shiny.

The products to avoid?
Avoid putting too much dry shampoo because it tends to smother the scalp because it clogs pores.
I want to remind you that this product can be used occasionally but it only removes sebum and should not replace shampoo!

A hairstyle to be done in 5min in the morning?
A light wavy with a straightener, in 5min chrono and only a few wicks. Favor the locks around the face if you are in a hurry, otherwise a wavy all over the hair is ideal to give volume. 

And a chic hairstyle for the evening?
A bun a little high to reveal the neck, the height of elegance!
To achieve with a simple hook tie.
The height of the bun must fit your face: round faces will do a high bun to lengthen and clear the maxillaries, long faces will do a rather low bun.

The trend of the moment?
The fringe or wick, and much more layered cut around the face lately to have both a soft and stylish hairstyles.

Photo credits : Hôtel Le Crillon