Brigitte band’s playlist

On June 21st, we celebrate the music festival !

Aurélie Saada and Sylvie Hoarau from the duo Brigitte were kind enough to reveal their perfect playlist.
Discover the music that punctuates their daily life...
Listen with absolute abandon !

A song…

... That puts you in a good mood

Aurélie: The son of the preacher man, Dusty Springfield
It's a song that I always want to listen to, I find it sweet sexy joyful, I have been starting my playlist with it for years,
I never get tired of this one. It could last for hours !

Sylvie: Love street, The Doors
I really like the very easy listening theme of this song, a rather rare lightness from the Doors that are usually darker.

… That wakes you up in the morning

Aurélie: I got the, Labi Sifre
I like this splendid and complex song, the changes of rhythm, its haunting bass and its languorous strings.
It was sampled a lot, especially for Eminem’s song, Slim Shady.

Sylvie: Not much wakes me up in the morning unfortunately !
I cannot stand too much volume, the first thing I do is turn off the radio.

... That helps you fall asleep at night

Aurélie : Crazy you, Prince
A song that helps me fall asleep or not really ...
Rather a sweet song at night ...
The music does not put me to sleep, quite the opposite I dissect it and it exhilarates me. If I want to fall asleep I prefer to be soothed by voices,
I listen to documentaries. Prince's voice is the sexiest male voice in my opinion. It's a song that I discovered when I was 14 years old, it's on Prince's very first album. I never stopped listening to it since.

Sylvie : I noticed Bob Marley sends me to sleep on tour when we
were touring in a van !
Perfect for a good nap. His album Natty dread in particular.

... That you loudly sing in the shower

Aurélie : I don’t want to miss a thing, Aerosmith
I loved and still love Aerosmith clips and songs, Steven Tyler's voice is amazing!
Teenager in the 90s, I could not escape from it. I still do not know the lyrics but I don’t care, I love singing loudly when I'm alone!

Sylvie : But I do not sing in the shower !
Sometimes I put music in the shower on tour. I listen to Charlotte Gainsbourg's latest album and her song Les Oxalis.

... To dance until the end of the night

 Aurélie : I can’t go for that, Daryl Hall and John Oates
I love this song by Daryl Hall and John Oates it always gives me an immense joy, and brings me back to my first parties
in summer camp when we began playing grownups!
There is also Toxic by Britney Spears, that gets me on the dancefloor immediately and without warning!

Sylvie : Overnight, Parcels.
It's been a while since I danced until the end of the night ! I’ll admit I miss it !
On tour it's complicated, we're always a little afraid of breaking our voices.

... That you listen to with your children

Aurélie : Le cimetière des éléphants, Eddy Mitchell
I play it on a loop and so do my children since our apartment is not very big.
When I was a kid, I thought Eddy Mitchell was part of my family because I found his eyes so tender.

Sylvie : They listened to the songs of the Sound of Music, after watching the movie.
They are quite obsessive in music, I wonder who they got that from!
The song My favorite things in the movie makes me cry.

… To work out

Aurélie : God bless the absentee, Paul Simon
To work out I listen to the paths of philosophy from France Culture’s podcasts. I don’t really like work out music, it distracts me.
However, I play it a lot when I cook.
My obsession right now is God bless the absentee by Paul Simon.
I'm crazy about drum rolls, piano delicacy, rhythm and voice’s sensuality.

Sylvie : Feels, Calvin Harris.
Perfect tempo to walk with a good step! I was listening to this song in a loop while going to the gym, at the end of the recording of “Nues.
I told myself all along the way one last time before I change!

... That reminds you of your childhood

Aurélie : Summertime, by Ella Fitzgerald, sung by my mother.
My mother has an extraordinary voice soft and strong at the same time so when she sang Summertime the world stopped to listen to it.
My mother is my angel, an exceptional woman.

Sylvie : My father regularly butchered Creedence Clearwater Revival,
I hated this group for a long time until I could listen to it again and appreciate it.
Obviously now I love it ! The song Have you ever seen the rain in particular.

... That you will listen in a loop this summer

Aurélie : The sound of waves and Christine and the Queens
This summer I will be listening to the sound of waves on the beach because there is nothing more beautiful.
The wind on the hills of Griffith Park with my children and my partner’s, in the car singing loudly songs I do not know ...
And Damn dis moi by Christine and the Queens because nobody will escape and it’s a great song !

Sylvie : Well, I've already started a little !
Damn dis moi, Christine and the Queens.
Always with a hint of Michael, with a touch of Dâm-Funk, unstoppable.
This will be my summer hit.

Find Aurélie and Sylvie’s playlist here.