The survival guide of the Fashion Week by Melle Agnès

Always with style and humor, fashion journalist Melle Agnès gives us her best advice
for surviving Paris Fashion Week; follow her!

A ritual in the morning to be the most beautiful in the front row?
Lucky me! I have Caroline Hair and Saloi Make up, my beauty fairies coming every morning for a beautiful hair / beautiful skin! The essential in my opinion.
Be careful ! Often seen in front row, the sticky press label under the shoe ; it breaks the myth!

Your battledress?
I do not want to make style effects, color but no more than three, I am looking for a look, or a telegenic silhouette.
A beautiful piece, and that’s all !
I found a divine vintage Céline coat Place de la Bourse and a pair of small heels.
Simple, effective and elegant.
The time when editors were perched on 12cm heels is over, long live the Dad shoe, the big-soled sneaker objectively sometimes ugly but cool with a pants.

A Stone Paris piece of jewelry to accessorize your look?
Diamond hoops with a white T-shirt.
A signet ring with a cotton poplin shirt.
A cross laying on a knitted sweater.

An ally to move between two shows?
Two great allies for SS19: the Rolls like Karl or the electric scooter like Stella!

A place to decompress after the action?
My bed, I stay in it for 24 hours like Agnes the Blessed.

A restaurant for a break?
If I am on the Vendôme / Tuileries area, without hesitation Balagan: " Happy Bazaar" in Hebrew, it is a delight.
A good Mezze and I am up for it!
It's a kind of my new Colette Water Bar, you can even have lunch at the counter.
I'm crazy about their hummus for refueling or other charcoal grilled eggplants, a coffee and the check please!