Alessandra Sublet’s Mother's Day

Renowned TV host and fulfilled mother, my friend Alessandra Sublet answered a Mother's Day special interview ...

The best gift received from your children on Mother's Day?
My son and my daughter made me a giant heart made of colorful feathers!
It is a work of art that is proudly exposed in our home!

The original gift given to your mother when you were a child?
We wanted with my brother and sister to break our piggy bank to buy our mother a beautiful head of Pharaoh but all ended up fighting because she did not like it and had spent too much money! The following year we went back to the pasta necklace!

The one you would like to offer her this year?
A pasta necklace again, it has become a joke every year!
Her collection would make the greatest jewelers jealous!!!
But very often I still offer her a good facial treatment along with.

How are you going to celebrate the Mother's Day ?
A nice lunch with a beautiful table prepared with my family. A ritual for years.

Your ideal weekend with your children?
In the countryside at home ... Nothing beats a good walk in the woods and good discussions while walking.

And a destination to escape?
St Barthélémy always remains my favorite destination, my parents live there a good part of the year and as soon as I can I escape there.

How would you describe the relationship you have with your children?
Childish because I laugh at the same jokes!
How good it is to keep a child's soul.

What values do you want to pass on to them?
Kindness with a bit of suspicion and especially to learn never to give up on love!

Photo credit : ELLE France
Photography : Eric Guillemain
Stylist : Chloé Dugast